Art Stuff I Love
Art Stuff I Love

There’s a lot of art stuff I love, trust me. Much of it’s in my garage and office closet. I love creating things. Right now, I LOVE (in caps, yes) these pencils. I don’t draw detailed pieces when I am going to paint, but sometimes, especially around the eyes in portraits, when some detail is needed in the preliminary drawing that’s the basis for the painting. Pencils lines don’t erase once they get wet. These pencils, however, are special. They are water soluble graphite. Fabulous. Just the best idea ever. I saw an ad in an art magazine for them and immediately tried to find them. Locally they were available at Jerry’s Artarama, but they were also available from Dick Blick (and probably other suppliers as well by now). They come in a set of 5: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B. I prefer the 2B or the 4B – I’ve found the higher numbers too soft for anything I’m working on right now. The graphite dissolves as promised. ¬†Genius, really.

Spending some time this Summer making great art, creating great things and just having have a great time at a slower pace. Working on lots of little things (literally and figuratively!) so stay tuned.


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