Oh What a (Zen)tangled Web We Weave!
Oh What a (Zen)tangled Web We Weave!

I’m always saying that everything is related, even when we don’t know how. I decided to practice doodling recently. I thought random patterns would be nice to freehand on some watercolor work, in the backgrounds especially.  I also wanted to work on my calligraphy skills, to tie in with my watercolors in some way. With that, I got out my small watercolor pad and Sharpie, and started doodling. Then I read about Zentangles, and find it so relaxing and soothing to work on, that I make time to create them. I started with the small watercolor cards that can be bought in boxes of 10. Small canvases are not overwhelming. Moved on quickly to Zentangle letters. Love the process. See for yourself!

For more on The Zentangle Method, Google Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. Fascinating.

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